APEPTICO - Innovation in peptide drugs


APEPTICO’s peptide molecules correspond to validated, pharmacodynamic active structures and domains of well-known proteins and biopharmaceuticals. Recombinant proteins and biopharmaceuticals are large molecules composed of several structural elements and domains where each domain may contribute to different and sometime opposite pharmacodynamic effects thus limiting the clinical use of these biopharmaceutical and/or mediating critical side-effects. Recombinant products are very expensive to develop and to produce and are generally associated with a risk of critical contaminations, such as microbes and viruses, BSE and TSE.


APEPTICO overcomes these limiting factors by concentrating on discrete peptide structures. By concentrating on peptide structures - which are produced by advanced chemical synthesis - we avoid the risk of transmitting microbial and viral infections, of BSE and TSE, we cut the time to clinical trials by two years, we drastically reduce research & development cost, if compared to the corresponding recombinant development process of biomolecules.

APEPTICO’s development platform PEPBASE™ combines structural, functional and clinical data from relevant biopharmaceuticals and well-characterised proteins. Based on preclinical and clinical data, including adverse reactions, risk factors and contraindications to be circumvented and supported by structural, biochemical and physicochemical data, for each relevant protein a specific profile is established that links biological & functional properties with discrete structural elements.